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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  December 29, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good afternoon. our big story at noon, the cold and blustery weather. we have a quick check. this is the coldest weather of the day. is it going to continue? >> yeah, i think for the rest of the afternoon the winds will continue to gust over 30 miles per hour, and that's what's making it so cold.
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only 27 at westminster. 30 degrees at the airport. the winds, again, gusting up to 30, 35 miles an hour, these are the wind-chills. 13 in westminster. 17 at the airport. you get the picture. if you're out and about this afternoon, you dress for temperatures in the teens as opposed to the 30's. the forecast for today, mostly sunny skies, windy and cold. winds will continue to gust over 30 miles per hour into this evening. high temperatures will sneak into the lower end of the 30's. when we come back, we'll look at the seven-day forecast and discuss the scenario going into new year's eve. >> president obama speaks out about the attempted bombing of a u.s. airliner and what his administration plans to do about it. investigators reveal more about what the alleged attacker had onboard the flight. >> the president says he immediately ordered more air marshals and enhanced security
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measures on the ground. that could be just the beginning. the attempted bombing of this jetliner just before it landed in detroit has triggered a top-level review on two fronts -- airport security screenings and the government's use of watchlists for identifying terror suspects. >> the american people should be assured that we are doing everything in our power to keep you and your family safe and secure during this busy holiday season. >> in this case, the suspect, umar abdulmutallab, was allowed to board the flight in amsterdam even though his father alerted u.s. embassy officials that his son could be dangerous. investigators say he carried twice as much explosive material on the plain as convicted shoe bomber richard reid. some of it apparently sewn into his underwear. >> body scanners would have given an indication to something attached to his leg. >> but such body scanners are not in widespread use. now lawmakers are asking why not? >> there are privacy concerns
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about these scanners. but those privacy scans are minimal compared with the devastation that can occur -- >> the group al qaeda in the arabian peninsula claimed responsibility for the attempted bombing. u.s. authorities have not yet confirmed any connection. here in washington, the senate homeland security committee is already planning hearings on the incident starting next month. >> this just in to 11 news. a special needs bus was involved in an accident this morning in abingdon. the bus struck a minivan in the 3200 block of philadelphia road at around 8:00 this morning. you can see the dramatic impact of the collision. no word on the condition of the 10 people involved in the accident except that they were transported to various hospitals. if you drive downtown, make sure to pay attention to new lanes on city roadways. officials have installed lanes designated for buses and bicycles. new lanes are expected to make buses move faster and travel in
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the city safer. the only time a car is allowed in one of the lanes is if you're making a right turn at the next enter section. the lanes run on lombard and pratt streets and m.l.k. to presidents street. if you don't obey, it could be costly. >> the fine is $80 a ticket for failure to obey state traffic control signs and it's also one point against your license. >> they should do that to more streets downtown here because things just get so congested, it's like you have to wait and wait and wait. >> officials say the new lanes should put a 10-minute maximum on wait times at any bus stop in the city. federal and local officials are using sobriety checkpoints to crack down on drunk driving this holiday weekend. alcohol was a factor in 58% of driving deaths in 2008. if you plan to head downtown, consider using the tipsy taxi program. the free rides apply to anywhere in the baltimore area that would normally cost $50 or
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less. the number is 1-877-963-taxi. baltimore city police need your help to find a missing boy. officials say 4-year-old deshawn armstead was last seen on christmas day. he was living in a home in the 3600 block of palace ski highway with his father, timothy west. police say he is four feet tall and weighs 37 pounds. if you have any information on his where best, you are asked to call the missing persons unit at the number on your screen or call 911. a brief scare interrupted the president's round of golf in hawaii yesterday. an ambulance was seen speeding past the neighborhood where the first family is staying. a white house official says a child of a friend hurt himself while playing on the beach. turns out the boy cut his chin and was treated at the scene. the president did go to see what happened but later returned to the golf course after realizing it wasn't a serious injury. coming up on 11 news at noon, if you had the chance to walk into a bank and take a couple extra bucks, would you do it?
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folks at a california bank took advantage of that unusual situation. and we have answers to your plant and gardening questions. email your questions at plant
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when my best friend jeff was taken away. i love you, jeff. >> covering the nation this afternoon, officials at a
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california wells fargo are still wondering how one of their banks was left unlocked on christmas eve. the branch was unlocked for several hours. the mistake was discovered by a customer, who called police, instead of taking advantage of the situation. talk about someone in the christmas spirit. police made sure no one was inside and then called a manager to properly lock up. an illinois company will pay more than $1 million for importing and selling children's toys that contained too much lead. according to the agreement, rc-2 will pay $1.25 million while be able to deny it knowingly violated federal law. the government maintains the company knew they were importing and telling thomas and friends wooden railway toys that had paints or other surface coatings containing lead levels above the legal limit. the company had to recall almost two million touse after the high lead levels were discovered. still to come, when does a movie take a back seat to the experience of going to the theater? when the seats are actually the
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stars of the show. we'll take a look at a new way to enjoy a film in our consumer alert. and we have answers to your plant and gardening questions. >> windy and cold today. but we have a couple storms at the end of the week as we turn the page to 2010.
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>> in today's consumer alert, hang on to your drink and popcorn because there's a movie seat that wants you take you for a ride. more on a chair that puts more motion in a motion picture.
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[cheers and applause] >> it's not often theater seats get an unveiling like this. but at ultrastart center the seats are part of the show. >> you have surround sound and 3-d. we bring the next level. >> the next level by offering a theater seat that moves with the movie. >> because motion pictures have always needed motion and now we actually have a way of delivering that. >> the motion system uses three motors and a script that times the action on the screen with the action coming from your chair. >> they'll turn, tilt, go up and down. they can rock around in a circle. they have a lot of different degrees they can move. >> take a clip from "the fast and the furious." the seat mimics the action on the screen. >> it's a rumbling right now. >> this is not like an amusement park motion ride. it's more subtle than that. but you do get an extra kick. you can even dial the movement's intensity to your
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liking. >> very subtle to very extreme if you want, depending what the movie can bring. >> i had all the way up. it wasn't subtle at all. it was shaking me. >> it felt like i was right there in the car when they were doing the chase scene. >> the seats not only enhance the film but also the price of watching the movie. about $8 for the experience. the seats are sold in advance. right now there are nine films that work with the system and more in the works. >> do you make the movie better? >> i think we enhance the movie experience as a whole and that's why people are loving it so far. >> i was actually feeling the movie. i wasn't feeling the seat. >> pretty cool stuff there. the obvious weather headline for us today is the winds. they're going to continue to gust perhaps as high as 40 miles per hour and will eventually subside overnight tonight.
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the temperatures have been struggling to get out of the 20's. we started in the mid to upper 20's early this morning and we just now snuck up close to 30 degrees at the airport. it's 30 there. 27 in westminster. still only 29 in parkton. here are some of the wind gusts we just recorded at the top of the hour. 29 miles per hour at annapolis. almost 40 miles per hour in hagerstown. let's see what it actually feels like with those winds going on. remember, the actual temperatures were in the upper 20's. feels like 14 in westminster. 13 in hagerstown. 15 in parkton. 17 in chestertown. you get the picture. if you're out and about, dress for temperatures in the teens as opposed to near 30 degrees. wear the heavy winter gear for sure. usually when we have these situations with winds out of the northwest, we have the lake-effect snow machines kick on. today no exception. extremers coming down will continue to get accumulating snows in garrett county. great news for the ski resorts. none of that should cross the
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ridgetops into baltimore. you might see a few passing clouds, but mostly sunny skies for us. windy and cold. winds between 15 to 25 steady gusting up close to 40. temperatures will sneak into the low 30's, but it will feel like the teens for most of the day. mostly clear tonight, breezy and cold. winds diminish after midnight. at 7:00 in the morning wednesday, clouse thicken up during the day but it should stay dry. two storm systems pass by thursday and friday. the first one approaches early in the morning on thursday. i think for the most part, for us, this is actually going to be a rain event. it will be probably cold enough for a little bit of snow to mix in. but it will be marginal at best. everything moves out by 7:00 in the evening. so at least to start off on new year's eve, the weather won't be that bad. i think most of the activity will be during the day. again, there will be another storm that follows that one coming in on friday, new year's
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day, and that one could have a little more cold air, so perhaps a touch more snow. but i still think it's going to be a mix. 39 on thursday. 37 on friday. there might be some minor accumulations with the storm on friday and then it gets windy and cold for the rest of the weekend. snow flurries saturday with a high only near 30. we'll be in the low 30's on sunday and monday. >> carrie engle is here to answer your plant and gardening questions. you brought a bons aye? >> these are cool because you can grow them inside or outside. this one does better indoors. >> how old is this one? >> it's hard to say. it's probably been trained for six or seven years. i've owned it for about three years. it needs a little trimming. we have free glasses for these the first friday of every month.
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>> they do require maintenance? >> they do. because they dry out fast. you have to keep an eye on them. all right. now that we've hit some winter weather, should i take herb plants that i cook with inside my house? also, do plants such as parsley and basically come back this year? basically does not. basically you can bring inside and it really does ok indoors. parsley, on the other hand, is a biannual. it will usually be able to stay outside. if you haven't brought your herbs in already, i'd start with fresh herbs and bring them inside. the ones you have outside have started to slow down and they're really just kind of going dormant, so i wouldn't touch those. hold on to them until next year. >> how long does a poinsettia last? >> too long. i usually get rid of mine or move it outside around may 15. they really will last indoors for a nice long time. but summer better outdoors.
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to get them to turn red next season, they need 14 hours of darkness and 10 hours of light every day. most of us can't keep that up. >> i wish i had known that. my last one didn't do too well. >> a lot of people hear the dark part and forget about the light part. that's why we sell them all year. >> how do i store geraniums over the winter? >> treat it like a houseplant. put it in front of a bright window and water it. you can also shake the soil off the roots, put it in the basement upside-down, let it dry down a little bit and then probably about the 1st of april or so, repot it, get it started again and move it back outside. >> good advice. thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> happy new year. >> same to you. >> if you have questions, email us as well. you can send pictures or plant questions to plant questions at or go to our website,, and click
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on family. also you can send questions or pictures to plant questions, wbal-tv, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore, maryland, 21211. in our medical alert this tuesday afternoon, you may remember when the "today" show featured the story of a 12-year-old who suffers from unexplained chronic sneezing attacks. it is a familiar story, a painful one for 22-year-old pennsylvania woman who once endured the same problem. and there may be good news for the little girl who suffers from constant sneezing. >> this is home video of 22-year-old kaley windle five years ago. her head is thrown forward as she sneezes over and over and over again. >> it was scary because i felt like i couldn't get enough oxygen because i was just sneezing -- i would bend down and come up and do it again. are >> started sneezing during her senior year of high school. >> i felt a very odd sensation
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come over me. the next thing i knew, i sneezed and then i couldn't stop. >> her mom says the sneezing episodes could go on for days at a time, stop, an then come right back. >> she's had cat scans, m.r.i.'s, blood work, allergy testing. she saw emergency room physicians, ear, nose, throat, neurologists, psychologists. >> i was kind of insulted. >> she said she knew it wasn't psychological but nothing would stop it. she's been to the e.r. dozens of times desperate for help. but on her 40th visit, one of the doctors had an idea. >> he said to me do you mind if i try something? and i said go right ahead. it's worth a shot. >> emergency room dr. larry diceler gave her regalen with
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another medication -- >> within five minutes, and i know because i watched the clock in the room, she stopped. >> he gave me my life back. >> she still has an occasionally episode but not nearly as often and when they hit, the drug combo works every time. she says she's grateful to the hospital and to the doctor. >> they treat me like i'm a real person and i'm not crazy. to be able to stop something that i have no control over, it's probably one of the best feelings in the world. >> she says she'd love it if the treatment helped lauren's battle with the disease. >> i don't know if it is a fix all-. but it's certainly worth the try. >> that's got to be terrible. up next, your maryland lottery
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midday pick three and pick four numbers and another check of the forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour.
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>> a very special float will be featured in this year's tournament of roses parade. it is desurend to honor the tuskegee air men. designers say everything on the float from the tail numbers on the fighter planes to the unit insig kneeas will be historically accurate. these were a group of african american pilots who served with destination during world wear two. on "oprah winfrey," are you or someone you know addicted to prescription pills? dr. oz has a special report on what he calls the most
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underappreciated problem in america. this afternoon on "oprah winfrey" right here at 4:00 on tv 11. tonight on 11 news at 5:00, an expanded recall for tylenol. there is a problem with the arthritis pain cap lets bottle. we'll explain tonight on 11 news at 5:00. now your maryland lottery midday pick three and pick four numbers. >> good afternoon, maryland. your pick three numbers are -- 9, as printed on the ball. 0. and 3. that makes your pick three numbers 9, 0 and 3. pick three. let us know at keno sprinkler. play pick three for the chance to win up to $10 instantly. both promotions end january 3.
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your pick four numbers are -- 6, as printed on the ball. 9, as printed on the ball. 5. and 0. recapping the pick four game, 6, 9, 5, 0. the maryland lottery. let yourself play. >> one last look at the forecast. >> it's going to stay windy through this evening. after about 10:00 or so, the winds will start to die down. at least until then, more of the same. winds will gust over 30 miles per hour. when you see the high temperature of 33 on the graphic, you know it's going to be feeling much colder than that. dress for temperatures in the teens. quiet and chilly tomorrow. then a mix of light rain and snow on thursday.
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i really don't expect accumulations there. if we do get accumulations, it's going to be on friday with the second part of that system and even that doesn't look like a big deal at this point. we'll keep an eye on it. i wouldn't worry about a repeat of what happened a couple weeks ago. >> thanks for joining us. watch tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
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